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Welcome to Gemstone Silver Jewelry, an online store where the jewelry cravings of every gypsy, boho, and moonchild are taken care of. We love moonstone jewelry and we want you all to love it too because there is no reason not to.
Our store is all about Designer Sterling Silver Moonstone Jewelry with the ability to make somber look beautiful and strong look invincible. It’s the gemstone of spirituality, composure, and all things divine. It’s not just a gemstone, it is a cabinet thatholds a thousand tales about its own brilliance and we give you an opportunity to own all that brilliance in the form of Rings, Earrings, Pendants, and Bracelets. Owning Moonstone Jewelry is a great feeling in itself because it holds the wisdom that can show you the extraordinary in the ordinary.
If you are looking for elegant designs to combine with a dress or a gown, we’ve got it. If you’re looking for something simple and sober to wear daily, we’ve got it. Above all, if you are like us and are looking for something that would go with that hipster personality of yours, something that would speak to you while healing you from within, we’ve definitely got it.


We are a bunch of moonchildren who fell in love with the sheer beauty of moonstone at almost the same time. Maybe it was fate that brought us together, maybe it was blessings of the moon. Whatever it was, we are glad that it happened.
We never thought there would be so many moonchildren out there and the love for moonstone was so widespread that it has formed a sort of a cult. We assessed that potential and, being bohos and gypsies ourselves, we reached out to like-minded people with a plan and saw it working pretty quickly. We always wore moonstone in the form of pendants, rings, earrings, etc, all the time and we were all astounded by the fact that moonstone brought so many positive changes in our lives. We started production so quickly we were almost scared. But we kept our cool and moved forward because we knew we had backing from the moon itself.


About Us

Welcome to our world, the world of Moonstone And Moonchildren, where every piece is created by our experienced artisans with an eye for detail and impeccable quality.

At “Gemstone Silver Jewelry LLC”, we recreate the magic of moon in our jewelry designs every day and bring creative and affordable pieces of jewelry for you because we believe that the best kind of gift you can give someone is the upliftment of their spirit, where the price should not be a barrier.

This is how we work-

  • Our expert buyers travel the world to search for the most flawless moonstones and bring them to our facility. These moonstones are of the highest grade with a sheen comparable to nothing else.
  • We assess these raw stones and have them cut and polished into different shapes and sizes according to the jewelry designs. All of this happens under one roof, so you can be assured of the quality and authenticity of every piece that you get.
  • Then, the stones make their way into the jewelry production unit, where they are set into earrings, rings, bracelets, and more. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship that you will notice on our jewelry are all done to perfection.
  • Every Piece is stamped with 925 to let you know that it is made of the most durable and rigid silver alloy available in the world. It contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, such as copper, to provide stability and strength. The 925 stamp on all the jewelry is our promise.
  • All the jewelry leaving our facility is unique because it’s the promise of nature to you that no two moonstones will ever the same.

The best part of this whole process is that we are able to control the prices of the final product and bring them directly to you at lowest rates.

We ensure that every single piece purchased by you at Gemstone Silver Jewelry always comes with complete satisfaction and authenticity because your smile is something that keeps us going..

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