Beer of the Month Club

Beer of the Month Club | Microbrewed Craft Beer Clubs Since 1994
The Beer of the Month Club offers 5 craft beer clubs, like our new Hop-Heads Beer Club. Sitewide Flash Sale: Save up to $25 today + FREE bottle opener & coupons!

Award- Winning Craft Beers beer of the month club bottles
Choose from 5 Unique Beer Clubs

Hand-crafted microbrews shipped monthly since 1994
Curated from over 10,000 U.S. and international breweries
Discover the world’s best craft beers without traveling the globe

We’re Passionate About Beer
and Stand for Exploration, Education and Fun
We’re still as passionate about beer today as we were when the company was founded in 1994. In the early days, we attended the country’s most prominent beer festivals to sign up members one at a time. Now we attend them to build relationships and to seek out new and exciting craft beers.

It’s an exciting time in the history of beer as the appreciation for good beer grows substantially each year and along with it, the number of outstanding, creative breweries. And we get to be at the forefront of discovering them. Now that’s good work if you can find it.

We take great pride in being a big part of fostering exploration as our members try beers they’ve never seen before. We get fired up reading testimonials sharing how we’ve helped create experiences and build friendships as our members share their coveted shipments with friends, family and co-workers.

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