beek | Handcrafted Leather Womens Sandals, Shoes, & Boots
Handmade luxury all leather sandals, shoes, and boots (with arch support!) offering timeless style and premium comfort. Free shipping!

So here’s our story: We’ve been friends for over fifteen years. For eleven years we worked side-by-side at Roxy, Birgit as the global head of design for footwear and Kenna as the head of marketing, both within the surf lifestyle company Quiksilver. So our worlds intersected often with marketing events, press tours, etc. But it was our common trips to the company restaurant and our love of tuna sandwiches, “have’a” chips, and a slightly unnatural addiction to iced tea that bonded us and from there we grew into tried-and-true friends.

Call us crazy but we believe that beauty can be comfortable… and even crazier: we think that great products (and life, for that matter) get better with age.

We’re tired of disposable product. We want something to live in and love in. and stay with us through life. So we set out to create a line of sandals that could be all that: gorgeous, easy, timeless styles that get better with age, and collect memories along the way.

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