Baze | Vitamins can be simple
Vitamins specifically for you. Based on at-home blood tests. Delivered to your door.

More than prevention

We founded Baze to bring affordable and high-quality nutrients to people, not just to prevent harm but to promote wellbeing. We discovered that the best way to do that was to tailor the process completely to you, the individual. We’re all a little different right?

Philipp and Isam, our founders, have spent years in the biotech and supplement industries working to improve health and health consciousness. They saw an opportunity to deliver products driven by people’s needs instead of marketing.

So they founded Baze to provide a transparent and convenient way of offering people the nutrients that they actually need. Our bodies and brains need specific nutrients, so we decided to design our product around that. As you may have already guessed it is a tailored set of vitamins that improve and balance your nutritional needs. But how specific can we actually be?

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