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Background Direct offers fast and accurate employment background checks to help companies find the right candidate. Sign up & run a background screening today!

Background Direct is a simple yet powerful online service that lets you quickly create an account and order background reports. Tell us about yourself and your business, digitally sign to accept the terms and conditions, and provide a one-time set-up fee.

When you conduct a background check with a vendor such as First Advantage, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires us to make sure you have a real reason to obtain background information. So, we will ask you to verify the purpose during account setup, and we will need to ask you for a few pieces of information to make sure you are a legitimate business and not a computer or a bad guy. In addition, you are legally required to obtain consent from your applicant stating that it’s okay for you to check their background.Don’t worry – we’ve got a sample of the form they’ll need to sign right here. It’s recommended to review this sample and the consent requirements with your qualified legal counsel.

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