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ANTOP has a long history as a leader in the design and manufacturing of TV antennas.Established in 1980, we are focused on providing superior customer service and offering the best Over-The-Air TV signal reception solutions for consumer Home, Recreational Vehicle, and Marine antenna use.As US consumers continue to “cut-the-cord” ANTOP will offer a full suite of indoor and outdoor Over-The-Air digital TV antenna products for everyone to enjoy the freedom of no-cost broadcast TV.From our new Southern California location, we will continue to provide consumers with high quality, excellent performing products as antennas re-emerge as an essential element of daily life.

With ownership of more than 200 patents on aerial antenna products, ANTOP has received numerous awards for their engineering designs.

ANTOP’s 50+ different antenna styles include indoor and outdoor models, each designed to better meet user needs.
Indoor models: The popular Paper Thin, featuring a lightweight, ultra-thin 02 of an inch design.Curved and Flat Panels models, sleek and elegant.And, the more traditional Ring model with telescoping antenna.
New Concept Outdoor Models:
The Wing, Butterfly and Flat Panel, feature slim compact designs and utilize innovative weather-resistant materials.Ideal for the Do-It-Yourself crowd, these outdoor models are engineered for easy installation.
In terms of product innovations: The Smart Pass Amplifier, an exclusive technology offered only by ANTOP, uses an all-in-one design to allow an easier connection and deliver the correct balance between short and long range reception. 4G LTE filter. ANTOP was the first antenna manufacturer to include a built-in filter in all their products to block 3G and 4G wireless signals to ensure noise-free digital TV reception.

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