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Our relationships with 3000+ manufacturers, if it exists, we can get it for you !

To provide the One Stop Resource to Healthcare Professionals.

At, we want to solve the biggest problem in Healthcare Distribution

Doctors, Nurses, Managers has to get what they need. They probably only know the Multi Billion Dollar Suppliers such as Medline, Mckesson, Owens Minor, Cardinals where their Sales Reps focus are to target Key Accounts such as Hospitals, Large Clinics. Unless you are in the Categories mentioned above, you may have some challenges on how to reach them or how to get your answers from a knowledgeable Sales Rep.

At ( our team of knowledgeable and experienced staff will get your answers fast.

The Best Way to reach us is to send a Message (scroll below), stating what you need and if you like us to call, your inquiries are reviewed during business hours 9am-3pm (PST).
We have access to 95% any Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceuticals, Lab Products
Rule of Thumb, if you see the Manufacturer’s name listed in our Database but not the specific Item or Size, chances are we can get it for you.

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