A Silver Breeze

The Way We Think

A Silver Breeze was founded with a philosophy in mind: give women the freedom to be themselves and embrace a sense of style that’s unique to each of them. Being ahead of the market in terms of what’s to come before it actually hits the shelves and gets trendy was one of our objectives when the company was founded. This dream not only became true, but it also got much bigger than what we expected! With two stores already flourishing and hopefully more to come, A Silver Breeze still has today the same ambitions it had when it started: offer women quality items that can be adapted and combined to suit all styles and ensure their shopping experience is unforgettable.
Our Mission

To celebrate the beauty and fabulousness of each woman by helping them reveal their personal style with gorgeous jewelry pieces.
How We Do It

At A Silver Breeze, we find it easy to please our customers. And that’s because we love people. There are several values at the core of our business, but the main one is customer focus. We don’t want to offer just a great product; we want our customers to leave with a great product and a fantastic experience!

From the first contact with them, we make sure to cultivate a friendly, long-lasting relationship. Our employees are trained to focus on our customers’ needs and desires and if problems arise, we don’t stop until we solve them!
Getting to Know Our Boutique

Our boutique is our pride and joy because we get to do what we love the most: help women create their own individual style. They can choose charms to represent their life story, or use them as ever-present reminders of their passions and dreams. They can shop for beautiful pieces for themselves, their friends, daughters, sisters and mothers, and escape to a world of pure self-indulgence with the countless options and designs that our collections offer. But the most important of it all is that they have fun doing it! And so do we!

Our store is located in Downtown Saratoga Springs, New York at 516 Broadway next door to the city center.

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