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Liquidation Channel

What is Shop Liquidation Channel? It is a great opportunity for everyone to buy high-quality jewels or other adornments at low prices. We sell limited editions of jewelries made of different gems, comprising diamonds, which are believed to be flawless gifts for any event.

On our official site you can browse the variety of necklets, ear-rings, bracelets and whatever you want. If you would like to have personal offers and promotions, to get promo codes and coupons for even bigger discounts on items available now, you need to do nothing but to sign up your e-mail and welcome to Liquidation Channel!

About Liquidation Channel Deals

Twenty-four hours seven days in a week service, at least 80 million clients, years of experience in e-business and online shopping, that all what our Liquidation Channel is. And we are rightfully considered to be one of the fastest developing companies in America, which are selling jewels and accessories at retail. Being a subsidiary of the VGL group, we produce and even handcraft a wide variety of adornments and jewelries and then, distribute them through our proven TV networks. Our shop only offers goods of high quality and with good value for money. The head office is located in Austin, Texas.

Our range of goods varies from necklets, rings and other standard jewelries to extraordinary things from Couture collections, male jewelries, special sets and etc. Here you can find any gems you like, starting from diamonds, sapphires and finishing with opals and citrines. Moreover, our adornments are represented by watches (such well-known brands as Strada and Genoa), bags, phone accessories, dark glasses, scarves and a lot of other things.

As soon as LC is a company of final sales, all our goods costs no more than $200, at the same time customers can’t return them. But there are some things, which you may send back during next 14 days since you’ve got them, and it is mentioned in their descriptions (lower right angle of the screen).

Don’t miss your chance. Take the opportunity of extra savings and rebates on your future orders by getting promo codes, coupons and special deals from Liquidation Channel. You may have $20 off on any single thing over $99.99 and amount saved up to 10% on previous purchases. Make your life more luxurious at reasonable prices and enjoy it with Shop Liquidation Channel.

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