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Four Lights Tiny House Company

Four Lights Tiny House Company

Four Lights Tiny House Company
SaveMain helps not to spend much money on things like household goods, projects of the future premises from Four Lights Tiny House Company. The main aim of FLTHC is creating a scheme of little dwellings, which will be extremely useful and comfortable. It is possible to find a real bargain, e.g. The Beavan, The Zinn, The Gifford or The Marie Colvin, using their vouchers. Delight in enormous rebates online with FLTHC's vouchers and perfect stocks, so you will get a better result with utterly small outlays.

About Four Lights Tiny House Company Deals
FLTHC is working out schemes of little dwellings — houses with all conveniences constructed by professional designers and engineers. The constitutor of the company, Jay Shafter, supposes that everyone’s dream is living in a dynamic little adobe, where everything will be on its own place and this place will be easy to reach. Thereby, the plan of creating cheap and comfortable houses appeared. As designers and engineers pay attention to the opinion of the future householders that's why the most important things in building these houses are preferences of the future householders. That’s why there is no anything odd or something, what will disturb or just uncomfortable to use.

There is a wide choice of the future houses. We will look through all of them in order of increasing their size. The Zinn is not as big as other, but it has a lavatory, hall, attic for sleeping with a skylight, moreover, there is a fire place, made from stainless steel. So The Zinn has this required for everyone basic set of rooms and conveniences. The Gifford is practically the same as The Zinn, but there is a cuisine and extra skylight. The Beavan differs from The Gifford because of the big open balcony above the front porch. The Weller is exactly the same as The Zinn, but a little bit bigger. So The Weller is a perfect option to live in a comfort without paying too much for a plan of enormous house. The distinctive feature of The Marmara is a full-sized bed, that's why this type of dwelling is brilliant solutions for family life. And the last one, The Marie Colvin, in addition to the basic set has a canteen and a lot of place for storage. Moreover, you can choose any furniture you like to make your living much better and simpler. All in all, do not miss this attractive offer and use your opportunity to get your own and sweet dwelling with such a ridiculous price!

Do not doubt you will get special offers and rebates on your following buy with FLTHC's vouchers and perfect stocks.

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