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Two crazy, busy moms with what felt like a million things on their plate created a’la Board.  «We need a large family calendar. It needed to be dry erase for the ease of use, it needed to be magnetic to pin up important notes, invitations, and pictures, but most of all, we wanted it to be Attractive!!»


You know that the best things are created based off a real need. As the product was introduced, they weren’t prepared for the amazing response that they received from all of their customers. A’la Board products have now become such a need and staple for so many mothers. They didn’t realize what they were missing until they bought one for themselves. Not only have they been selling these calendars like crazy, but the customer satisfaction is off the charts! Customers keep coming back for more boards, accessories to decorate with, and gifts for others.


Our customers really do love their calendars and we can’t say that we blame them!!

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