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ACE Fitness

ACE Fitness


To get people moving.


To be the leading nonprofit advocate for achieving health through physical activity and other lifestyle changes by providing accessible NCCA-accredited certifications and scientifically rooted education to fitness professionals and health enthusiasts to significantly impact preventable, inactivity-related lifestyle diseases by 2035.


  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Ingenuity & Passion
  • Collaboration & Connection
  • Access & Inclusiveness
  • Continuous Learning & Development

Moving the Profession

ACE leads the movement towards a healthier population by ensuring everyone has access to certified exercise professionals and health coaches who provide leadership, expertise and programs to help people achieve their goals. As a founding member of the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals, we work to secure recognition of registered exercise professionals for their distinct roles in medical, health, fitness and sports performance fields.

Moving Behaviors

Extensive scientific, evidence-based research has proven that instilling healthy behavior patterns, good nutrition and consistent physical activity are the keys to achieving heathy sustainable life changes that help ward off inactivity-related diseases. ACE is leading a movement to help more people gain access to healthy behavior programs through our NCCA-accredited Health Coach Certification, Behavior Change and Weight Management Specialist Programs and partnerships with organizations that bring behavioral health programs to the places people live, study, work and play.

Moving the Public

ACE is moving public perceptions about health and fitness by making unbiased, science-based and easy to understand health information readily available and accessible to the public online, investing in underserved communities and facilitating partnerships with business, non-profit, educational, healthcare and community organizations. This information—anchored in expertise from physicians, psychologists, dieticians and healthcare providers—empowers people from all walks of life to make movement their mission, instilling positive, sustainable life changes that lead to happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

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