Which is the best car insurance? Are there secrets your car insurer won't tell you?

Which is the best car insurance? Are there secrets your car insurer won't tell you?

Automobile insurance coverage options can be confusing and their prices vary from company to company...( Geico,Allstate,AIGProgressive and many more)


I would definitely stick to the larger insurance companies as they are more reputable and are going to have MUCH better claims service should you ever need it.All of the ones you listed are good and also State Farm and Nationwide I would add to the list.As far as 'secrets' go there really isn't much beyond common sense information on how to get a lower rate...older/cheaper car = less premiumbetter driving record = less premiumhigher deductibles = less premium*make sure you don't make them higher than you can afford if you get in an accident thoughsome coverages such as towing/labor and rentals are optional and if you have a second vehicle you may or may not need rental coverage.


Yes they do vary, but what you need to do is shop for the features you are looking for.What do you want in insurance coverage? The bare minimum required, excellent service, a trusted company, cheapest price? Know what you want and then shop for it. You can't have it all so settle on the few things you want the most and look for companys that provide that.


The best car insurance is the company that offers you the best rate and the best coverage. It's different for everyone. Certain companies specialize in certain types of drivers. That's why it is so important to do your research before you decide on which company to go with.The other day I got some quotes online and I got a $140 a month quote for Geico, a $270 quote from Nationwide and a $299 quote from Liberty Mutual. I was shocked at the difference. Maybe Nationwide is cheap for some people. Who knows.Make sure you ask the insurance company about any special discounts such as the good student discount, the low mileage discount (<5,000 miles driven per year), or the good driver discount. It is possible to get affordable insurance. You just have to know where to look. The site below is really helpful because it allows you to compare rate quotes for all of the insurance companies in your area for free.Good Luck!Source(s):http://savenowcarinsurance.com/


"Best" is in the eye of the beholder. The criteria are different, for each person.Sure, there are secrets the insurer won't tell you. Sometimes the agent will. Unless, of course, you go direct, then you're acting as your own agent, and you don't KNOW the secrets, to tell yourself.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


I would read the following article it will explain how to get the best rates and also the different terms associated with auto insurance.http://mysite.verizon.net/ressg6c7/siteb…This article includes links to free quoting services and other links that will assist you to get the best rates. By saving this article to your desk top you will be able use the links.


Here's my method: Spend a few days getting quotes, always write them down next to their number, tell them you will get back to the cheapest.I'd say go for the best deal you get, because when it comes to the crunch you have the same rights by law, regardless of who you are with.Also try these people just fill the form and they'll come up with a quote, it's always free:http://gsx1.com/InsuranceComparison.htmlthey are all the main American insurers competing to get your business so chances are they'll come up with the cheapest quote, note: when they get your phone number they might also phone you, this is good for you so long as you do as I do: ask for their cheapest quote, their number and let them know that if they are truly the cheapest you'll get back to them then put the phone down. It sounds like hard work but it isn't as in the end you'll save a ton of money and you are done till renewal time comes, then if you aren't lazy you can do it all over again, keep them on their toes all the time.. hope it helps, good luck.


Yes, they vary. That's why you need to shop around and look at insurance company reviews. Remember, the "bargain rate" insurers are the ones most likely to lowball you on claims.


I have had good luck with this site http://www.freeautoquoteonline.com. Give them a try. Be sure to give as many details as you can about your car and driving history.


consider this site.. I bet they can help you..http://www.johnalsopinsurance.com/



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