Which insurance company is better.. AllState or MetLife?

Which insurance company is better.. AllState or MetLife?

My husband and I want to get a 20-year term life insurance next week and will meet with some reps./brokers. Down the road we will probably add auto and home insurance. If you are a customer of either company do you recommend them in regards to their required premiums and quality of service? Your imput is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


MetLife is gonna be your best bet here. Although Allstate does sell some life insurance products its' main business is casualty insurance (auto, home, business, liability, etc.). Although I've never had insurance through Allstate I probably wouldn't even consider them since I've heard so many bad things about them.Also Jackson National Life is also worth checking out.


We have Allstate car and house insurance. I also have MetLife for some insurance through my employer. I find both firms to be reliable, and more importantly right now, both appear to be financially stable. I would be sure to ask the reps to project the premium for you if you were to cover cars or house. This should give you a better picture of what your future premiums with them might be.


I have read and heard enough complaints about Allstate to make me never consider them for our insurance.I have never heard a complaint about Metlife and while working in the medical field in insurance, can tell you they were excellent to work with and paid their claims very timely.~~


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