When Changing auto insurance company, do they ask me to go through inspection on my vehicle?

When Changing auto insurance company, do they ask me to go through inspection on my vehicle?

I'-m thinking about changing my auto insurance company soon. I'-ll probably go to online to get a quote and the insurance.When I looked through all the questions they ask for the quote, I noticed that they ask if there are any damages on the vehicles.(There are few scratches here and there on my vehicle.)If I answer that there are, they would ask me how did it get them and tell me that I should report those accidents.But I don'-t want to report and I don'-t even want to fix them.Therefore, I know it'-s an immoral act but I want to answer that there aren'-t any damages.So here comes my question,After the applications and all, do the insurance company ask the driver to go through the auto inspection?


you can try to contact a local agent and tell him/her your situation. you can shop thru several agents and you choose where you would want to buy insurance from.


It depends , if your getting FULL coverage they will want an inspection , if your getting liability they wont care , since they arent insuring the car , just you.


I just put full coverage on a new vehicle i purchased and only had liability on the previous car. They did not ask for pix of the new car, but this is through the same ins. co. It all depends on what they're policies are.


If you need or want collision coverage, they will ask for photos of the vehicle from both sides straight on, front and rear straight on and three-quarter views from every corner. Therefore, you're better off telling them about any damage on the car. That way, they protect themselves from spurious claims for pre-existing damage.



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