What is the average purchase price of a new vehicle in the UK?

What is the average purchase price of a new vehicle in the UK?

In the US, a brand new small to mid-size four door sedan will cost at least $20,000USD. Then there are all types of fees, destination charges, etc. tacked onto this price. What is the average cost for a similar car in the UK? What are the licensing and insurance requirements? How much are sales taxes on vehicles in the UK? What is the most common car driven in the UK? What are some other things I should know before making an auto purchase in the UK?


all depends on make and model,a kia will set you back between ?10k to?15k,a bwm much more,do some research first on make and model then it'll be easier to help you out,as whats the berst car to get,one tip i always recommend is look at the taxi ranks,what car is most popular amongst taxi driver?we dont buy crap that wont do the job,skodas octavias are at the moment the best value they are basically volkswagen passats in a new skin approx ?15k then another approx ?200 on road tax and your insurance is something you'd need to find out yourselfSource(s):22 years driving taxis



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