What is a penalty in MA for driving a car with no insurance?

What is a penalty in MA for driving a car with no insurance?

I was involved in the car accident recently... I was driving in Boston the uninsured car with the New Hampshire registration. But in NH car insurance is not compulsory. The hearing will be held on my case, which is considered to be criminal. If somebody ever been in the similar situation ,plz, share your experience!


As you probably already know, liability coverage is mandatory in MA. You live right over the border,and NH does not require insurance. While New Hampshire does not require its motorists to buy liability insurance, it does require that they show "financial responsibility," meaning they must show they have the financial means to pay for an accident they cause. This often entails posting a bond with the state Department of Motor Vehicles after you get into an accident that was your fault. If you fail to show financial responsibility, your license is subject to suspension.The New Hampshire driver can be cited by a police officer for driving without car insurance in Massachusetts. If you don't have auto insurance and drive in a state where it's required, you'll have to pay a fine. I think this is what happened to you. I believe the minimum fine is $500, but that could be limited to MA citizens only. You may need to consult an attorney for this one since your citation is considered criminal.Source(s):Semi-retired claims professional - 20+ years. Live in MA



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