State or Federal Oversight of Insurance Company's / Policies?

State or Federal Oversight of Insurance Company's / Policies?

In the State of Michigan, is there a Federal or State agency that oversee'-s the auto insurance companies operations and procedures?


It is a State agency - the Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation.Their web site is,1607,7-15…Source(s):Read more @,1607,7-15… ...


Each state has a state insurance divison/commission, that oversees all the policies issued by ADMITTED carriers.That's who you complain to - the Michigan Insurance Department.


Insurance is regulated at the State level. Not the Federal level.It has been this way since 1945. This was established by the McCarran-Ferguson Act."The McCarran Ferguson Act was passed by Congress in 1945. Subject to certain conditions, the McCarran Act essentially returned insurance regulation to the states. The Act was designed to ensure the preeminence of state regulation not to free insurers from federal antitrust laws. "Therefore, the highest regulatory body will be your state's insurance department. They will regulate all types of insurance that conduct business with in the state. Most insurance departments have a consumer division that can answer questions and address complaints.Source(s):Insurance Adjuster 12 years



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