State Farm Insurance Is Holding My Refund....WHY?

State Farm Insurance Is Holding My Refund....WHY?

I got auto insurance online with State Farm and my balance due was $76. I used my debit card and paid that but when I checked my account it turns out 2 payments of $76 was taken instead of just 1. I called my local State Farm and told them what happened and they said they would refund me my money. The next day the money was back in my account only to be taken right back out a few hours later. I went to State Farm and talked face to face with the agent and she told me they would "-cut me a check"- and mail it to me. I live 15 miles from the agency so why mail it when I could stop by the branch and pick it up and if thts not the procedure for a refund why has it been over 3wks and still no check??? I call and no one will answer, what should I do....


Any payments you make do not go directly to your agent, even if you take the payment to the office. If you mail or call in a payment, it goes directly to corporate. Even if you drop off the payment, the agent deposits it into an account which is drafted by corporate for your premium.She has no access to your premium money. When you receive a refund it comes from the department which posted it to your account (for a $76 payment, it sounds like the either the monthly pay plan department or auto company). Unfortunately, in my market area, things are way behind and it's taking forever to get things processed. The only way to find out if your refund has been sent yet is to talk to someone at the agent's office, so keep trying them until someone answers.Source(s):SF agent rep 15 years


The reason to mail a check is that the checks don't come from the agency. They come from another location. Even if you were going to pick up the check at the agency, they would still need to mail it (they would need to mail the check to agency from the location where they print the checks).


Call your agent again. Three weeks is long enough for the payment to clear.



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