Pulled over for speeding by iowa highway patrol, illinois resident?

Pulled over for speeding by iowa highway patrol, illinois resident?

i was pulled over for speeding 10mph over the speed limit by iowa state patrol. i was issued a $114.00 ticket. I do not want a conviction on my driving record. is there any way i can get a driver supervision penalty or do a traffic safey schol or somthing like that (just so my insurance wont go up) also because i am an illinois resident do i have to go to court for this to happen, or can i do it over the phone or online or something??? i dont want to have to hire a lawyer, but i also dont want to have to go from chicago where i live all the way to davenport iowa.


The cheapest thing for most people is to pay the ticket. Since I have never had a speeding ticket, I don't know if you can just send in the fine or if you have to show up. Don't bother with a lawyer- this is too small of an issue. (It would cost you a whole lot more than the ticket is going to.) I think you will only get 1 point on your driving record for 10 over, so it won't cost you too much on your insurance (unless you already have a bad driving record. My oldest got his auto insurance nonrenewed since he had a lead foot. He learned better once he had to pay really high rates on his next policy.) Call the courthouse in Scott County to find out if you have to show up or if you can just send the fine in. If you have to show up, they could tell you if you can postpone your date until you arrive back in good old Johnson County, Iowa City, University of Iowa. (Go Hawkeyes!)By the way, ask your friends where the the highway patrol likes to set up speed traps. If you ever come to Des Moines, avoid Windsor Heights - that is the world's biggest speed trap.


Were you speeding? then pay the fine and take it, next time don't speed


There are driving schools that you could complete that would knock off anywhere from 2-4 points off your license. Your local DMV should know of schools or you could goggle them and try to find them yourself. If you don't want to attend court, you could always plead guilty and just go ahead and pay the fine and do the class. As for the school issue, you could ask for a postponement. The worst they could say was no.


If you don't want to show up in court, your only option is to plead guilty and pay the fine.


you don't have to go to court if you pay your ticket.



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