In what ways does buying a car affect auto insurance premiums?

In what ways does buying a car affect auto insurance premiums?

I'-m looking at buying or leasing a new car and am wondering how that'-ll affect my auto insurance premium. Also, which features in a new car affect the premium. I'-ve heard about red paint and sports cars causing higher premiums, but are there any other factors?


The car affects the premium. New cars are worth more than cars several years old, so they cost more than older ones. High priced cars cost more because the potential loss is much greater than for that of lower priced cars. Sports cars cost more because they're supposed to have more accidents. I'm not sure that's true, but that's what the people who set the rates think. Also, cars that are stolen alot have high premiums. You also affect the premium. Do you have a good driving record? That lowers premiums somewhat. If you're middle aged or older, your premiums are usually lower because older people are considered safer drivers than young ones. I'm not sure that's true, but again, that's what the people who set the rates think! Hope this helps ya!


Thos eguys were right about how it effects your premium. I am looking into buying a new car too and called my insurance company and they gave me the premiums for a bunch of different make/models that i am considering.If you are financing your car then you have to get full coverage I believe so this is something you definitely want to consider!


When buying a new car, your premiums are based off of the year, make, model, value of the vehicle as well as off of the age, gender and driving record of the buyer. Red will not cause a higher premium and a sports car will only have a higher premium if you purchase comprehensive and collision coverage.Source(s):claim lady



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