I have no auto insurance and got into accident, Would I have to just pay for the deductible?

I have no auto insurance and got into accident, Would I have to just pay for the deductible?

on the other persons auto insurance. I live in Michigan.


No. The other motorist will pay his/her deductible, then the insurance will pay the rest. If it's your fault, the insurance company will then sue you peersonally for the entire amount. You will also have to pay a fine for driving without insurance, which is illegal in Michigan and most other states.


If it is your fault, and the other person has comp and collision her insurance company will pay but they will come after you, I would expect a law suit from them.


in Michigan, insured people pay a "uninsured motorist " fee on their insurance to cover people like you.michigan is a "no fault state" so the law suits on small stuff are minimal, YOU could be looking atjail time for driving with no insurance


No. The owner of the car is going to have to pay the deductable and the insurance company will pay the rest (assuming they have uninsured motorist coverage) to get the car fixed.The insurance company will then sue you for the total cost them to fix it plus any injuries and emotional distress.If the other driver didn't have uninsured motorist coverage, the insurance company won't do anything. The car owner will have to sue you on their own for the repair costs plus any other personal injury costs and emotional distress.


your kidding right? already looking for a way to weasel out of responsibility? YOU PAY FOR THE ENTIRE ACCIDENT, if the cops did not get involved yet, you were lucky, As soon as a few days the other insurance company is going to notify the dmv that you were driving with no insurance, so wave your license good by for a year. I hope you bought insurance the day of the accident. In the meantime, don't worry, after the insurance company is done investigating everything thoroughly, they will sue you for every nickle and dime associated with the accident you caused. and if you have a job, they garnish your wages. STEP UP WAKE UP its time to take responsibility, hopefully no one was hurt, this alone may be gods saving grace for you. kind of a mystery how some people can afford cars, but not the insurance. DOES IT SUCK TO PAY THAT OVERPRICED INSURANCE EVERY MONTH 12 DAYS A YEAR? YOU BET IT DOES, BUTT WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT. GET A CLUE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.


Well, that would be the right thing to do. Then after their insurance company pays to repair their vehicle, they will sue you to recover the cost of repairs. So you get to pay for everything.Shouldn't be a problem, right? Just use the money you saved by not paying for insurance.


Your fault or theirs?If the accident was your fault, prepare to get sued. You could offer to pay the other persons deductible so that they don't sue you for their out of pocket expense (and they'd have to agree to it), but the insurance company may still well sue you for their losses.If it was their fault (100%), you are OK, you can just file a claim against their insurance, your lack of insurance is irrelevant except perhaps to the police who probably will site you for lack of insurance if they haven't already.In any case, wise up - don't drive uninsured.


You would be required to pay the full cost of repairs and could be sued if you failed to pay.I'm not sure how you can be thinking that the law would allow your own illegality to adversely affect the other driver's insurance



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