How to find out if life insurance though state farm from deceased father?

How to find out if life insurance though state farm from deceased father?

father has passed away and i need to know if he had insurance though stae farm insurance.


Do you have his social security number?Have you tried calling State Farm?Have you looked through all of his files?Look through every single of paper he kept in his filing cabinet


Contact a state farm agent. The agent will contact the company for you. They can do a name search and see if your father had life insurance with them. You can also try MIB. All life insurance gets processed through that company.Good Luck.Source(s):……


Assume that he did. File a claim with State Farm for the life insurance benefits. If they pay you, that will tell you had life insurance through them. If they refuse to pay, and tell you that they are not paying because he did not have life insurance through them, that will tell you that he did not have life insurance through them. (If they refuse to pay, but give some other reason, like because the policy was not in force long enough or because you are not the beneficiary, that will also tell you that he had life insurance through them.)State Farm is a property and casualty insurance company. I do not think that there is life insurance through them. I could be wrong about that.


Ask his State Farm agent. And go through is checkbook, to see if he'd been paying for it.


Contact a local State Farm Agent and explain you are searching for a life insurance policy on your father. The agent will contact the company with your inquiry and let you know if they can help you or not. If you are the owner of the policy or the beneficiary, they will gladly communicate with you, otherwise, they won't be able to share any info with you. In the meantime, look through your father's financial records to determine if there have been premiums paid. State Farm has policies they are actually paid up after several years and even if no premium payments have been made in the last several years, there may still be a policy out there.Stephen: State Farm is a gigantic life insurance company. They are rated the number one life insurance company when weighing financial strength by It's a completely separate company from State Farm Mutual Automobile and State Farm Fire and Casualty. BTW, they also carry major health insurance products and you can get mortgages, vehicle loans, checking accounts, CD's all through State Farm Bank.Source(s):Owner of a State Farm Agency. Former life and health underwriter for State Farm. Over 22 years experience.


So you (or the next of kin) should go through his personal papers to see if there is a record of any life insurance policy.



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