How much do you pay for your teenager's(16) auto insurance?

How much do you pay for your teenager's(16) auto insurance?

I just got a learner'-s permit, and GEICO says that they do not charge for learner'-s permit.However, when I get my driver'-s license, it'-ll cost an additional ~$500 per 6 months. I am a straight-A student, records are clean, and I'-m NOT adding an another car--just me--into my parent'-s coverage. Is this expensive? Normal? Cheap? What do you pay, and what company are you covered by?thanks


When my teen got his driver's license, his rates were $67 a month through Farmer's, once he hit 20, they dropped to about $37. I understand our rates are exceptionally low but I guess it's because we've worked pretty hard at lowering our insurance rates!--Maintaining a 3.0 GPA earns you the good student discount.--Taking driver's ed also lowers the rate. Most insurance companies offer inhouse defensive driving program via the web, which can also lower insurance rates. Ask about it.What your parents may consider is buying you a clunker car--and making that YOUR car. Clunker cars are cheaper to insure (less risk of theft) plus you don't need to have carry comprehensive. A clunker may run you $1500-2000, but the cheaper insurance will pay for itself in a couple of years.


I do not have a 16-year-old, but that is cheap. Very cheap. When I was 18, my mother said it would cost $1000 per one (1) month (the amount you are being charged per year).


Teens pay A LOT as they are (statistically) very bad risks. You're getting off easy with just $1000.



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