How long does state farm take to settle a claim?

How long does state farm take to settle a claim?

I was in an auto accident about 5 months ago and I was at fault. I have state farm and they have already settled the property damage, but the bodily injury claim for the person I hit still remains. How long does this process usually take to end?The person did not get an attorney or anything, my insurance is taking care of it, so is it normal for bodily injury claims to take this long with out attornies getting involved?


This is normal. They won't settle the claim until the medical treatments are complete or your liability limits are exhausted.Source(s):Old claims cowboy


Usually about three months after the full healing has taken place . . . so if there were severe injuries, or you're looking at rehab/therapy, it could easily go 18 months.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


If the person is still treating for their injuries, then yes, it could take 5 months, or longer.If the person is done with all their treatment then state farm has to order all the medical bills and records relating to the treatment the other person received.they will evaluate the file and then offer the other person a settlement amount.Have no fear though, just bc a person treats for an excessive amount of time, does not mean they are going to be compensated for it!Source(s):Bodily Injury Claims Adjuster, 5 yrs



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