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Ok I live at home for now til. I find a new job I am not going to collage. I don'-t plan to. I work for a junk mail place. I make 8.75 an hour. How can I budget better. Here are things I need and want.Rent 200 dollars a monthHealth insurance $96.50auto insurance is paid for a while. I sold my my dad my car for 4000 dollars he is going to take that money and pay my insurance.Hair cut $14.00 great clips. I do give a tip but I feel like I should. And my hair is growing more and need to cut it often.Fast food and going out. This month I spent 45.00. I am buying for 2 people.don'-t say don'-t go out to eat.Gas is going to go down. I spend different prices. I do go out I will spend more. I would like to say I spend less then 100 dollars. My job is 4 miles away from my house. I live in the country and don'-t want to walk.retail stores I spend very amounts. I would Like to say 1-75. I buy pop, candy, I do stock up when on sale. I do need candy and pop.Personal stuff shaveing cream, razors, zit cream, I spend maybe less then 100 dollars a year. I do use coupons when I do buy these item.Going to the movies. I buy 2 tickets. We normally go to the early ones. I buy pop 2. Candy I get at the gas station. When I say 2 its me and my friends. There a girl they don'-t have a job. I don'-t want to stay home or go to my house. I don'-t mind. To buy the tickets or dinner.I don'-t pay light bill, cell, food. I plan on geting health insurance from my work. And dental. I get paid every 2 weeks. So far in my accounts I have checking 933.70, savings 379.21 vacation fund. 244.88 credit card is 1000 dollars but I use my credit card for health insurance. I have a balance of 903.00. My other saveing account is $2653.03please help every bit helps.I use the credit card for health insurance. So it build up my credit.


I'm just a bit confused about the question since you live at home and you your paying rent. I'm guessing that you are saying that your future planned rent payments are $200? If your living at home I'd question why your parents are making you pay rent. If you are getting an aparment in the future then I would think $200 is a good rent payment. Mine was $585 in Greensboro, NC.Next up. You really need to get your credit card balance down significantly. Building your credit up with a high balance is a very common misconception. Its like a bad sales pitch in my opinion. Showing that you've paid a little bit of interest will go just as far as paying lots of interest. Credit card companies love it when people are "building their credit" by paying them interest. Be careful with that.If you plan on sticking to the high credit card balance then ok. If you take my advice and lower it, then I'd suggest getting it below $500.If you are planning on moving out (hence the rent payment), then you may want to budget for a lower vacation fund. Skipping vacation once every few years can help the health of the budget.Keep your savings high! And don't dip into them with impulse buying.I think your budget so far is pretty good just make yourself a set of rules and don't break them.Another thing about the question that I'm confused about due to wording is the auto insurance. If you sold your car then you won't need your auto insurance on your car.Best of luck to you!Source(s):I graduated from the University of North Carolina - Greensboro with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance.


Ok first off, you would not have to spend money on *zit cream* if you didn't buy all that candy and soda and fast food!I know you didn't want to hear not to eat that stuff, but sheesh! A huge part of your budget is just goofing off.


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