For High Mileage Older Cars with low value is it ok to drop your Comprehensive & Collision deductible?

For High Mileage Older Cars with low value is it ok to drop your Comprehensive & Collision deductible?

I'-m looking over auto insurance quotes and can'-t seem to figure out why I should justify a $500.00 deductible on a car that'-s valued at $900ish for trade.


yeah thats a little high. I have a 2005 car that I have full coverage on only because my leinholder requires it and it cost me 300 every 3 months. I also have a1996 pickup that has nothing but liablilty and I only pay 60 every 3 months. I have only had to file one claim and that was on the car a deer hit me.


Absolutely. I recommend just carrying liability.



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