Can I legally use Alberta Auto Insurance and Plate in British Columbia?

Can I legally use Alberta Auto Insurance and Plate in British Columbia?

My Hubby spends about 3 months of year in Alberta, and lives at his mother'-s house when he does. Can we leagally use that address for insurance registration and liscences even though we live the majority of the year in BC and I do not spend nearly as much time in AB or are we stuck having to switch everything to BC?


Gambit: you didn't understand the question correctly. The asker is NOT asking about using plates from one state and insurance from another. Read the question again. The asker is asking about having both license plates and insurance in Alberta. According to what you write, that should be OK, but I'm from Europe, so I have no idea about Canadian practice.


You cannot use Alberta insurance and BC plates. A vehicle plated in BC MUST be insured in BC. You wouldn't be able to get updated license plate decals for the BC plates, so your husband would be driving around on expired plates. Plus if you were to be purchase Alberta insurance the authorities in Alberta would want the vehicle plated in Alberta since you're essentially saying the vehicle is normally used there. You may be able to use an Alberta mailing address on your ICBC policy. It would be best to go into a local Autoplan Broker's office and discuss it with them. You would also want to discuss whether or not you have to switch the territory to "Out-of-province" during the time the vehicle is going to be in Alberta (this is actually very important).



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