Auto Insurance: Will insurance cover a stolen car with a salvaged title?

Auto Insurance: Will insurance cover a stolen car with a salvaged title?

I live in NY- I currently have full coverage for a vehicle that has a salvaged title. Someone recently tried to break into my car but the alarm went off and scared them away. Now I am concerned because of what would happen if someone did steal my car. Will I be covered and if I am will they only give me peanuts because the title is salvaged? The car was in an accident some years ago before I bought the car. Thanks, any advice would be appreciated.


If your salvage car is stolen or totaled again your insurer will likely only pay about 60% of the actual cash value of a comparable, clean titled car so keep that in mind.I own a salvage car right now and only have liability and comprehensive on it, since I won't be paid that much if it is stolen. Besides, my car alarm has engine kill, which means if a thief tries to steal it, the engine dies. Install that if you want more peace of mind.



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