Anything wrong with on-line auto insurers?

Anything wrong with on-line auto insurers?

Hi. What are your opinions on these on-line auto insurance companies, like Progressive and Geico? They seem to have quoted me a reasonable premium, but, I just don'-t know if I should go ahead and use them. Has anyone out there used these auto insurers and what were your impressions if you had to file a claim? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


If you know what you're doing in terms of creating your own policy and understanding the coverages (few do) and don't mind crappy claims service then by all means, use them. If not then speak with an insurance broker in your area and use their expertise.


Online insurers are able to keep prices low because they depend on their customers setting up policies themselves on the Internet rather than paying staff to do it for you. The issue with that is that if you do need to speak to someone or make a claim, there are fewer staff to deal with your query, so you cannot expect the same level of service as someone who has paid extra for a company that offers personal service.It all boils down to what you want from your insurance. Some people like the face to face contact that an insurance agent can offer, some like having someone at the end of the phone who can give advice when needed. Others like to keep the cost as low as possible. You could always give them a try, and if they let you down, you can renew elsewhere in a year's time.


on-line or over the phone, whats the difference? some guy on the 18th floor reviewing it either way. ive personally had a bad experience with progressive saving every last penny they could bandaging my truck. after i paid out of pocket for repairs they said were not necessary id never use them again.



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