Anybody have Geico Auto Insurance?

Anybody have Geico Auto Insurance?

I have Progressive and I'-m really happy with them but Geico is much less expensive. What I like about Progressive is that they are easy to deal with and I can access all my information and pay my bill online. Has anybody had any experience with Geico? How have they been if you had a claim? Do they respond quickly when you report a claim? Do they have a website where you can access all the information about your claims and policies or pay your bill?


I've had Geico for approx 10 years and had a claim last April. They were more than helpful and even got me my deductible reimbursed from the other driver since he was at fault. You can pay your bills on line, make changes to your account, plus they also have auto pay, where they automatically take the premium out of your checking account which is what I do. I recommend them!


yes.the best.


Is Progressive Ins. great?? I had an accident where the other driver was at fault, even stated so on police report. He had Progressive Ins. and it took me two years and a lawyer to get reimbursed for my car repairs, Approx. $2,000.00. I myself would not embrace Progressive Ins.



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