What car insurance do you like?

What car insurance do you like?

Do you LIKE your car insurance company and if so, who do you use? I want to leave Farmers.


21st Century!


e. m ford insurance


State farm drops you as soon as you use them.


I currently have State Farm. There is very little difference between the large insurance companies(Allstate, Farmers, State Farm, etc). Maybe you just don't like your agent. Nevertheless, below is some information to help you decide.The magazine Consumer Reports has rated the top insurance companies in its March 2006 issue, ranking the popular insurance providers according to policyholder satisfaction. According to the magazine, 21,228 magazine subscribers who had filed insurance auto insurance claims between January 2001 through the spring of 2004 were surveyed for customer satisfaction with their auto insurance.Topping the chart was New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co., with an overall satisfaction score of 94 percent. Amica Mutual ranked second with 93 percent and United Services Automobile Association was third with 92 percent of consumer satisfaction. The rest of the results were as follows: Auto-Owners Insurance Co. (90 percent), State Automobile Mutual Ins. (89 percent), USAA Casualty Insurance Co. (89 percent), State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance (89 percent), State Farm Fire and Casualty (88 percent), Hartford Underwiters Insurance Co. (87 percent), Erie Insurance (87 percent), Erie Insurance Exchange (87 percent), GEICO General Insurance (86 percent), California State Automobile Association (86 percent), Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. (85 percent), Safeco Insurance Co. of America (85 percent), American Family Mutual Ins. Co. (84 percent), Nationwide Mutual Fire Ins. Co. (84 percent), Allstate Insurance Co. (84 percent), 21st Century Insurance Co. (84 percent), GEICO Casualty Co. (83 percent), Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. (83 percent), Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Co. (83 percent), Travelers Indemnity (82 percent), Farmers Insurance Exchange (80 percent), Commerce Insurance Co. (78 percent) and Mercury Insurance Co (78 percent).Cheap car insurance is best found by investing time, educating yourself and comparison shopping. To get multiple quotes at once from top companies go to:Auto Quotes: http://www.insureme.com/landing.aspx?Ref…Ron @ InsureMeSource(s):http://www.glassbytes.com/newsConsumer20…


I have GEICO, and love them!


I use http://www.nationwidebillrelief.com for auto insurance comparisons and shopping. They have done all the work and research, all I do is pick and choose which company to go with. I always save money there.



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