How much do you think auto insurance will cost me?

How much do you think auto insurance will cost me?

I am getting a 1971 vw bus, $8500 was how much I payed, a/b student in a college prep school, all honors classes, 16 year old male, live in florida, have not recieved my license yet and am in 10th grade. How much do you think it will cost me to get insurance at the cheapest rates?


Hi da surf man,Without more information it's pretty much impossible to give you an exact quote. It depends on your history, your state, what kind of insurance you want, and more. That said the cheapest insurance is going to be liability insurance which doesn't provide your vehicle any protection in the event of an accident. If that is a chance you are willing to take liability insurance is the way to go. If not, look into getting comp and collision (full coverage) as well.Check out the source I've listed below. They have really cheap rates and provide good coverage. The average company rate is $25/month for liability and $60/month for full coverage. I'd check them out.Good luck!Da surf girl -)Source(s)


1. Cheapest rate = cheapest insurance = no support if you get in an accident = you end up paying MORE in the long run.2. Get a quote, or call them.Takes you just as much time to look it up, as it would take us to guess.


sometimes the cheapest isnt the best.... check state farm or allstateSource(s):life




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