How much is full coverage for auto insurance cost monthly usually ? ?

How much is full coverage for auto insurance cost monthly usually ? ?

I was thinking about financing a 2000 nissan maxima but im not sure if its a good idea because of monthly car payments and car insurance plus if it breaks down idk what I would do. I just need to know how much is full coverage for auto insurance usually cost per month or is there something cheaper I can get other than full coverage.


if you own it and you have 10 years no claim and live in a quiet area, on state minimum then you are like my friend who pays $350 a year for it.But for full coverage on a financed car, new driver, in most cases the premium costs as much as the car payments.Source(s):the rooster


if we were all made with a machine and there was only one car to choose from and were all the same drivers of the same sex going for the exact same insurance coverage you still couldn't come up with an "average" price because unfortunately we are all of different ageSource(s):what I know


You M U S T ask an insurance company what it will cost. Asking here or anywhere else is a total waste of your time.



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First time drivers are an unknown quantity, having no driving record to go by. It's like asking the credit rating of a new business. All you can do it find an independent agent, and ask them to search for the best deal for you, based on your information. It will NOT be cheap.

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essuranceallstateprogrssiveliberty mutualIt depends also if they are licenced to insure in your state

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Nope, the named nonowner form is NOT approved for use in the state of MA.So, you won't find it in MA. It's illegal coverage. The state doesn't allow it.You'll have to buy your coverage through the rental contract.Source(s):I'm formerly licensed in MA as an agent

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What state are you in? Requirements for MINIMUM coverage vary from state to state. I would say that I wouldn't purchase more then the minimum required by law for a $1200 car/truck. Better to save that extra $$$ for a better/newer vechile when the time is what I found on the esurance...

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As a 20 year insurance agent, I'll be happy to share some advice. Getting a quote over the net is convenient and quick, but often times VERY inaccurate. The quote is often given without actually running your MVR (motor vehicle report) because that costs the company money and you haven't paid...