Does anyone know who will give me insurance w a suspended license?

Does anyone know who will give me insurance w a suspended license?

I live in Kansas and I need auto insurance in order to get my license back. Does anyone know who will give me ins w/ a suspended license? Thanks for your help.


nope none of the states will give you insurance with a suspended license ever good luck on that one in if any one that tells you that you can are just full of them selfs how ever long your license is suspened that is hoe long they are going to be suspended now your stuck


even if you can find insurance, you better get your license reinstated asap- call the BMV and find out what is needed to reinstate- even if you get insurance, you may need to show proof to the BMV to get reinstated.i worked for an insurance company that had an exclusion in the policy that if your license was suspended at time of accident, they would deny all claims--------------------so even if you had insurance, you would still be uninsured----------- i had claims where someone had to pay fine etc and they could show proof, but they failed to do so with the BMV and it still showed suspended so we denied their claim.good luck to you.


Contrary to popular belief, you can actually get auto insurance while your license is suspended. However, they will normally give you a grace period in order to reinstate your license. This grace period is normally 30days.


most any fly-by- night organization.Get in the phone book.Although you are considered high risk and an SR-22 will be involved. It wont be cheap.


N O B O D Y !


call the number below and ask them to tell you who you get it from I was stationed at ft riley and one of the guys got it for a limited used license and check the site below that GL also if it is for not having insurance you just go get it at any insurance co and then go get your license and give them the number ex gf had to do that in ksSource(s):Toll-free: 1-800-432-2484 (in Kansas only)…



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