15 1/2 and trying to get on track to buying my first car...but i know nothing! Advice please <3?

15 1/2 and trying to get on track to buying my first car...but i know nothing! Advice please <3?

Oki am EXTREMELY interested in getting a hybrid car..*expensive much*and i found a Toyota Camry 2007 Hybrid for $11,994 on www.cars.comBUTi have no idea whats steps there are to getting a First Car.insurance is one of the major questions i have. everyone keeps saying thats guna cost the most...but the thing is i dont even no what company id go for ( all state, state farm, progressive)The deal with my parents was that if i could at least be able to pay half of whatever car i want that they'-d pay the other half.and im going to the DMV with my mother tomorrow so..yeah.basically just help me with a step by step loli live in North Carolina ( charlotte, raleigh)


Starting with the insurance. It is probably going to be cheapest to get on your parents policy. Company's offer discounts for multi-car policies. It wouldn't hurt to shop around. Just call some insurance companies or go online and get some quotes. Travelers, Geiko, and Nationwide are some others you didn't list. Policies can vary from company to company by a couple hundred dollars.As for the actual car. Wherever you get it from, get it checked out by an independent mechanic. If the person or dealership won't let you do this, walk away. They are probably trying to sell their problematic car to you. Again, just shop around by calling some mechanics and ask them how much they charge. Used cars rarely come with warranties. You don't want to drop 12 grand on a car and realize that it needs an extra $2000 to get it to pass inspection. If you go to a dealership, see if they will add a 2 week return option or warranty. That way if anything mechanical happens to go wrong with the car, your covered.Most dealerships get their used cars through auctions. The markup on most of these is huge. There is alot of negotiating room there. Usually the end of the month is better to shop than the beginning. Especially if the salesmen are struggling to meet their quotas.Go shopping with someone who is confident in negotiating. Don't go alone. And never pay sticker price for any car.Being that you said Charlotte, I'm assuming that the car you mentioned is at Town and Country Toyota http://autos.yahoo.com/used-cars/toyota-… Looking at the carfax, this was a leased vehicle. Probably leased to a business, not an individual person. All of the "Coke" cars for instance are leased. The average mileage is over 36,000 miles per year. Unfortunately, the people who drive these cars don't really care as much as someone who actually owns the car. They tend to drive it more aggressively than their own car. "Its a company car, drive it to death." I first learned how to drive a standard on a rental car. That car probably needed a new transmission shortly afterwards. However, the car in the link is selling for a couple grand less than what www.kbb.com lists it for.I know you said you really wanted a Toyota or Honda. But you can get a new Kia Rio or Hyundai Accent for right around $10,000. You'll get the assurance of a warranty and they get around 30 MPG each.


First lets address the hybrid issue.Most people buying a hybrid are assuming they will be the least expensive vehicle to operate but that is totally untrue. Yes they are very good on fuel mileage BUT you have to consider ALL costs, not fuel alone. When including all costs over a three year period no hybrid including the Prius even makes the top ten list of most economical cars as can be seen here:http://autos.yahoo.com/articles/autos_co…So if your plan is to save money on operating costs then choose one of the top ten most economical cars form the list and avoid all hybrids sense not even one of them made the top ten list.The 2010 model Camry will be a great choice sense it has already been recalled for defective cruise control, defective brakes and defective gas pedal. http://www.automotive.com/2010/12/toyota…Get something on the list but skip the Toyota............Source(s):Combat veteran.



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