Is it legal in Canada to have 2 non-overlapping insurance policies on the same vehicle?

Is it legal in Canada to have 2 non-overlapping insurance policies on the same vehicle?

I recently acquired a RHD vehicle and my current company will only offer basic PL &- PD. However I'-d like to get Fire &- Theft to protect my investment. Currently my insurance is about $440 a year, but if I get PL &- PD from a company that will also do Theft coverage, the lowest quote I can find is nearly double that at $850 a year (+ the theft coverage @ $50/yr).Is it possible for me to get my PL &- PD from my current company, and get the Fire &- Theft from the other company?


It depends on which province you live in, but in the vast majority of provinces no one is going to issue a policy with just fire and theft coverage. In provinces with private insurance schemes (Ontario, Alberta, N.S. etc) obtaining coverage for a right hand drive vehicle is difficult as insurers loathe these types of vehicles. If you live in a province with government run auto insurance (B.C., MB, Saskatchewan) it's not a big issue.



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