I'-m planning on getting myself a new car- a 2012 Dodge Challenger RT model. I'-m on a tight budget and I only have enough money for a down payment and monthly payments on the Challenger, (if I decide to purchase it). My problem is I don'-t have enough money for auto insurance and I am not joining with anyone in my family to be placed on auto insurance. I want auto insurance for myself and signed to my name only. Since I do not enough money for auto insurance, can I still get a car without auto insurance? And can I still drive the Dodge Challenger without auto insurance if I decide to purchase the car? Can someone answer this for me? Thank you! I really appreciate it.


They might not even let you leave the dealership without insurance its ben a while and I think it was a requirement to even be able to drive off the dealership and yah by the sounds of your age and car your insurance will cost more than the payments.


Unless you pay for the car in full, no finance company will let you drive a car out of the dealership without insurance. Not only do you have to buy it, but the insurance company will have to list your finance company as a lien holder. That means that if you cancel or stop paying for your insurance, your insurance company will let the finance company know. The finance company will buy the insurance for you and tack on the price to your monthly payments. The insurance the finance companies buy are usually more expensive than the insurance you can find on your own.Try using a local broker or call (818) 878-8504 and they will match you up with someone who can search for the cheapest insurance available.Source(s)


Yes. You need insurance.


yes you do need insurance, if the police pull you over they won't cut you any slack because 'I just bought the car' is an excuse they must hear a lot.If you buy the car you can either take the risk or ask the previous owner to park it on your driveway and leave it there til you get insurance.Patrol cars (especially in high crime areas) have license plate recognition cameras which will alert them to uninsured vehicles (gives them a reason to stop and check occupants for warrants etc)You can buy insurance over the phone in a matter of minutes so 'insurance check is in the mail' is not going to wash with the cops.


It's law to have insurance in order to drive a car. Sucks because it's so insanely expensive. Don't buy a car unless you have the money for insurance.



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