What can be done if a car with auto insurance, and an UNLICENSED driver hits me?

What can be done if a car with auto insurance, and an UNLICENSED driver hits me?

i keep reading that insurance won'-t cover unlicensed drivers, but what am i supposed to do? i was the one who got hit and shouldn'-t have to pay to get my car fixed when i'-m not fault and the car has insurance. do i have to take the guy to court to get the damages paid or what?


I'm pretty sure that your insurance company is referring to unlicensed drivers operating your vehicle. If someone who is unlicensed hits you and their at fault then they have to pay for the damages to your car. I doubt their insurance would cover that so, the unlicensed driver would have to pay out of pocket or you could sue them.


as long as the vehilce is insured in MOST states there is still coverage. They took the money in good faith and will normally cover it. It also depends if they are the owner of the vehicle or not. If they are not the owner then it's usually easier to have the insurance company pay. If they are the owner then they will do an investigation to see if there is coverage or not based on any violation of the contract.If you have full coverage then have your insurance company take care of the damages, less your deductible, and they will go after the resonsible party along with your deductible for you.This is why you pay them the big bucks. let them put all the money you've been paying them to work for you.Good Luck!!Source(s):adj


is your state no-fault state, it depends in the state law, for example Michigan is no fault insurance state which means ur insurance pays for ur damages. Also do you have uninsured coverage on ur car???Reem Alnunuinsurance agentreemalnunu@yahoo.com


I would say suing them is your best bet. Get a copy of the police report and make sure you can verify that you were in the right. Try to contact the other party with an offer and tell them about it and offer a reasonable settlement. Also contact your insurance company.



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