Who has the cheapest auto insurance in california?

Who has the cheapest auto insurance in california?

I need full coverage. Low downpayment.whatever it takes to get my licence and tags. I don'-t care if its barneys insurance and feed store. I just need my tags and licence


Every insurance company has their own underwriting standards so there's no way for anyone to know which one will be cheapest for you. You'll need to make some calls or get quotes on the internet.



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How much do you pay for auto insurance?
I doubt you'll find anyone with exactly your situation. The best way to compare rates is simply to get online and request quotes from companies such as esurance.com, insurance.com, geico.com, progressive.com, allstate.com and others.The factors that determine what your premiums will be:- Your...

If I file an auto insurance claim, do they write a check?
No. You don't get the check. The body shop gets the check. It will be made out to the body shop

NJ driving violation still on my record?
There is a common misconception between points being removed from your record and effect on auto insurance.Many times when you take a class, or have a plea agreement or have a ticket down graded it will in fact remove the points from your record. However, they are removed from the DMV record...

How do rental car companies decide on what rental to give to you?
The insurance company pays a set amount per day for a rental car. Usually this is just enough to rent a small car. If you want a larger or nicer car you can always pay the difference for the upgrade.

How do i know what kind of auto insurance i got from allstate?
If you are still young you might be covered under your fathers policy and that would tell yyou.If it is your own p[olicy then read the contract carefully. If you do jnt have it the get it from the agent.Insurance varies from place to place and agency to agency.