Who has the cheapest auto insurance in california?

Who has the cheapest auto insurance in california?

I need full coverage. Low downpayment.whatever it takes to get my licence and tags. I don'-t care if its barneys insurance and feed store. I just need my tags and licence


Every insurance company has their own underwriting standards so there's no way for anyone to know which one will be cheapest for you. You'll need to make some calls or get quotes on the internet.



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Functions of auto insurance and coverage characteristics?
Coverages, are WILDLY dependent on which state you are in.Your BEST source, will probably be your parents' agent.The two basic functions, are 1. to comply with state laws for operation of a vehicle on public roadways and 2. to protect you from the possible financial fallout of a major accident...

How to locate lost life ins policy?
Did Grandma have a safe deposit box at her bank? That's the first place to look. Also, check through her old check registers, to see if she ever wrote a premium check to an insurance company. If you find such information in her check register, see if you can locate the policy number. Most...

What are all the expenses to consider when buying a car from the owner?
Sounds like a good deal best to have the car looked over by a mechanic this way there is no surprises. Next will be the cost of registering the car if you log on to your sates DMV web site if should give the the cost breakdown. Insurance is something else expect to pay at least $100 a month...

What auoto insurance company did you find to be the cheapest?
I found out that State Farm has cheaper rates than Progressive and Allstate when Allstate cancelled me for living in Florida.If you can bundle your home owners insurance they will make the car insurance price even better.Source(s):My Driving record and driving less than 20 miles a day to work...

What are your opinions about the different car insurance companies? Which one is the best?
I've seen Allstate to be about one of the best when it comes to paying claims and stepping up to the plate. I've been an Independent Insurance Agent since 1992, so needless to say I've seen allot of claims and I've seen the way allot of carriers have treated there insured’s. Mind you they...