Is it worth it to buy the extra insurance for a UHaul rental truck?

Is it worth it to buy the extra insurance for a UHaul rental truck?

That is, even though my car insurance covers rentals, I have a 500 dollar deductible. Does getting the rental truck insurance make it so there is no deductible in case of an accident?


I know of 4 insurance companies that do not cover U-haul. American Family, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Allstate. You need to check with your agent first. Make sure you tell them if you are going out of state. I had a customer who was told she was covered, then stopped in after she got the truck and told them she was going out of state, and they said she was not covered. I had another customer who did not take the insurance, and was backing into the drive of his destination, and hit a large rock damaging the truck, it cost him almost $300. Even if someone hit you, you are responsible for the truck. But on the other hand, it is an option. I have heard of several dealer who add the insurance without the customers approval. So I am glad to see you asking questions. I had an insurance agent rent from me, and when I asked him about the insurance he said yes so fast it shocked me. He stated that if something did happen it would not ding his auto insurance.U-hauls SafeMove insurance covers damage to the truck, the cargo in the truck, and also has medical/life coverage. The SuperSafeMove also includes $1 million in liability coverage.I wish you luck in your move and safe driving.Source(s):5 years as a U-Haul dealer


yes its only like 20 bucks if you crash with out it sucks to be you


Check with your insurance agent and get his or her answer in writing. Most insurance companies provide coverage for substitute vehicles, but only if they are "private passenger-type" vehicles. A U-Haul truck is definitely not a "private passenger-type" vehicle.Like others have said, spend the extra money and buy the optional coverage from the rental company. Here's why:1. You are driving an unfamiliar vehicle that is different in size, weight, and handling than your own car.2. If you are driving a long distance with the rental truck, you may also be driving on unfamiliar roads and in unfamiliar driving conditions.In summary, the odds of getting into an accident have gone up the minute you get behind the wheel of the rental truck.If you get into an accident, do you want to be calling your insurance company to report the claim, or do you want to call the UHaul people to get a new truck?


Did you confirm your car insurance covers Uhauls? Just because it covers you when you are in a rental doesnt mean it covers you in a large u-haul. It probably doesnt- find out the weight of your uhaul and call your insurance and specifically ask if its covered- or you could be in a real pickle.


Back in a former life I was a U-Haul dealer. My quick answer would be be yes, buy it. It cuts down the "possible" hassle factor with the receiving dealer (if one-way). Think of this rental truck as a rental car, regardless of how scratched up it is. Unless you can absolutely prove you didn't do it, you may be screwed when you drop off. Check with your agent to see if your $500 deductible SPECIFICALLY covers rental TRUCKS.


Frankly I wouldn't rent from UHaul, but to answer your question, yes, if needed it would cover everything.


la428282 is absolutely correct. You need to find out the weight of the the U-haul to see if it would be covered under your policy. If the weight of the u-haul is under 10,000 lbs then there should be coverage. If over, there is no coverage. It is easier to take out their insurance. Contact your insurance agent to find out if there is coverage.Source(s):Insurance agent


The previous answerer is absolutely correct.1. If you have an accident under your insurance driving the truck, not only are you stuck with the deductible but it may affect your insurance rates.2. if you use the rental truck's insurance it is a no haggle deal and you're totally free of responsability and less paperwork. PLUS your insurance wouldn't find out, or be involved.3. You're dealing with a rental TRUCK here. Before you go using your insurance do check with them to see if they'll cover such a thing. The wrong time to find out is when you have an accident and then get told by your insurance that it's not covered.It's a small charge for their insurance, just do it!.


You need to think again....Personal Auto Policies do not cover U-haul trucks. Read your policy, they are excluded. None of your coverage will transfer over, you'll have to purchase the insurance and you will walk away from it free & clear.


I think it's an absolutely waste of time! I have rented trucks for 25 miles and have never had a problem. I think it depends on the weather, what time it is and how good of a driver you are. --)



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