What are average prices for life, health, and auto insurance (any company)?

What are average prices for life, health, and auto insurance (any company)?

I'-m doing a project for school and what would an average price be for 2 people with just a regular car, like a honda or something, nothing fancy, for auto insurance. and for 2 healthy people for life insurance and health? i'-ve website but you have to give all this info for a quote, but i'-m just looking for an average froma ny companies.


These will be strictly ball park as there are hundreds of variables that you need to know before making these calculations.Auto: $150 per month. You did mention average car such as "Honda". The agent is also going to ask questions about the age of the car, if you have paid off the car and wish to have comprehensive or just liability coverage. Geographical location also plays a part as well as how many miles a year you drive the auto. If you have had any accidents or moving violations would also increase this premium.Life: $50 per month. Again, age is very important as well as health of the individuals. Smoking, Drinking and other factors like this would increase the premium. Geographical location would again play a part.Health: $450 per month. Your health insurance policy would be the highest and also the most difficult to estimate an 'average' amount. Many different factors go into determining the premium level. The elected deductible is very imported and any preexisting health issues could greatly increase the monthly amount. For this estimate I went with the middle deductible and good health of both parties and no current medications. As with the other two geographical location is a major factor.I hope this helps. Good Luck


That's just silly. Print this out and give it to your teacher.How do you average a 60 year old guy with $1,000,000 of life insurance, and a 20 year old guy with $100,000 and come up with ANY kind of meaningful number?CREDIT SCORE has more to do with auto insurance rates, than the car you drive - and you'd need to know about what LIMITS of each coverage they want, as well.You can't get an "average". That's like asking what the average sock color is, in your class. It's a meaningless exercise, teacher, and isn't actually ACCOMPLISHING any learning here. Of course, as an NEA member, you don't really care about that, your job is secure regardless of whether or not your students actually LEARN anything.


Your teachers question is to vague. But I'll give it a shot,Auto insurance roughly $200 a monthHealth insurance $200-400 a monthLife $100-200 a month


health 2648 rs for two people for 1 lac each for car 10000 rs for 4 lac car for life 10000 rs for two life 1 lac each



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