What effect will a speeding ticket have on my State Farm auto insurance premium in Indiana?

What effect will a speeding ticket have on my State Farm auto insurance premium in Indiana?

Would it be better to take the ticket deferral or just pay the fine? It was a minor 2 point violation for speeding 54 in a 40. The state trooper also issued a written warning for disregarding a traffic signal. This is my first ticket in over seven years and State Farm states this shouldn'-t raise my premium. Is this true or are they just saying this so I will pump more money into their company. Anyone familiar with this process.......Please Help?!?!


You should talk to the city it was issued in and see if you can double it. In most cases, at least where I live, you can double the amount and it will be reported as a non-moving violation and not even affect your insurance.If you find out that your insurance will go up, paying twice the amount is cheaper than paying more in the long-run.


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If your agent says it won't raise the premium, it probably won't. Most insurance companies "forgive" the first ticket.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


First of all, in Indiana they can't change your premium until your next renewal. So find out when that is and that will tell you when you might expect your first change. The only thing you can do is to pay the ticket and wait to see what actually happens.Like I say, your premium won't change until your renewal and you will get 30 days notice before your renewal. So if it does go up you will have plenty of time to get other quotes and make a change.If you haven't had any tix or accidents in a while then it may not increase your premium, but you just have to wait for your renewal to know for sure.Source(s):Have worked in insurance sale for many years.



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