Whats the minimum auto insurance coverage i need on a finianced vehicle?

Whats the minimum auto insurance coverage i need on a finianced vehicle?

State of Washington.. Like do i need comprehensive or liability how much deductables and wat not


Since there is a lienholder on the vehicle, you will need the minimum full coverage - collision, comprehensive, property damage liability, bodily injury liability, and in some states you will also be required to carry uninsured- and underinsured- motorist coverage (check with your agent). Deductibles will be determined by you and what you can afford. If you want to pay a lower premium, you will have a higher deductible, such as $1,000. Or if you can afford a higher premium, you can choose a lower deductible, anywhere from $500 on down to nothing.I highly recommend purchasing rental reimbursement coverage. If your vehicle is disabled in a loss, you will appreciate having that coverage. It isn't too expensive, maybe an extra 50 bucks or so a year. Once again, check with your agent for options.


If it is financed you need full coverage. Since liability doesn't cover the car, it is not enough. Comprehensive doesn't cover collision and upset, so you need the works. It is nothing to do with what state you are in and everything to do with it being a condition of the loan. Nobody loans money for a car, a house, etc without having the asset protected.


The state requires liability coverage, the lender requires collision and comprehensive coverage. The deductibles are your choice. From your question, I can tell you need to educate yourself on Automobile insurance. Do So.BTW. The term "full coverage" means nothing,,, There is no such thing as "full coverage". Ask those that advise "full coverage" to explain what they mean. They won't be able to.


Full coverage anywhere in the USA unless u get written permission from the finance companyHey,The best way to get cheap insurance is to shop around and get quotesHere are some places you get almost 10 quotes within 5 minuteshttp://www.aiquote.net/DiscountCarInsura…http://www.aiquote.net/2Insure4Less.phpP.S let me know when you got an insurance policy 50% lower than your current policy thanks to me :D


Full Coverage if any vehicle is being financed.



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