How much do auto insurance agents make there first year?

How much do auto insurance agents make there first year?

What'-s the average for starting license auto insurance agents? Do they only make commision or hourly too? Are the leads provided. Is it a hard industry to get into?


Breaking into insurance sales is very tough. Many agents have parents who own agencies, and learn the business that way. Many more work for an insurance company in marketing, etc. This allows them to learn the business, and then they can buy out an agency. There are a few companies that are willing to hire and train you. But those opportunities are few.The best way for a person without connections or years of experience to break into the field is to get a customer service rep (CSR) position at an existing agency. The pay isn't great, but the knowledge you gain will help you work your way into an agent position.Agents work for commissions only. This is why there is a high failure rate. It take awhile for an agent to build up renewal commissions to be able to earn enough money to live on. As for leads, some companies are better than others. But in the end, if someone has a solid lead, they aren't going to give it to you, they will take it themselves.Source(s):Years and years in the business


Texas- Whatever you are able to hustle up, that is what you are paid on. Agents are commission only, sometimes with a supplement from the company that must be repaid if certain sales goals are not met. Become an agent only if you have the time and financial means to weather the first 2-3 years. The turnover rate is high because it is hard to build a book of business. But once you do, the sky is the limit. Also, you MUST be a people person and be able to handle rejection on a daily basis. You will get abundantly more "NOs" than "YESs" over the course of your career. As for leads, don't ever count on someone else to provide you with your bread and butter. If leads are given, take them. Plan on getting nothing but what you work for.


Arizona. First year expect to start as a C.S.R. making about ten ,twelve bucks an hour. Second year, maybe you can be running the agency making sky is the limit. How do I know? I am an insurance agent in Arizona. That is what I do with my employees, that is what was done with me. Thank you.


Leads are not usually provided. Average is probably about $5,000, because MOST wash out the first year. Those who make it into a second year, probably make about $30K on auto.It's usually straight commission.Source(s):agent, 21+ years



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