Why would auto insurance company ask if I have a platinum credit card? Is having one a good or bad thing. I do

Why would auto insurance company ask if I have a platinum credit card? Is having one a good or bad thing. I do

I recently applied for an auto insurance quote through AAA insurance. During the questionaire, I was asked whether I have any platinum credit cards. I currently have a car insured through them, and I am concerned whether they could used quote questionair info against me on my current policy. I was trying to get a quote on a new car that I am considering.


They are trying to find out how creditworthy you are. Most insurers use some sort of rating scale or risk scale for people based upon credit scores. People with lower scores will pay more for insurance because the companies seem to think that they pose more risk.Source(s):Insurance/investment professional


ya i also agree that they might want to cross sell u some other credit cards... especially the bank backed insurance company. gosh!


Credit cards are a bad idea. Pay cash for everything except maybe a house- that is how people become wealthy, if that's important to you. Always shop around. Amica may be ok, if you have a good driving record. Mercury is who I have because my history is ok but not the best. It can vary based on where you live.


Most likely they are conducting market research for future sales products - possibly even the correlation between AAA towing plans sales and platinum card holders.Don't worry about this affecting your quote. If they want to know your credit, they will not waste their time asking you for it - they will simply get a credit rating on you from Experian or the other big 2 rating agencies.


That makes no sense. Credit scores are often used in rating, but your credit score has nothing to do with platinum cards. You can have terrible credit and still have a 'platinum' card.Maybe they were trying to cross market you. I'm not sure if they are involved in the credit card business (AAA dips in alot of strange business). Maybe they were looking for you to get a credit card with them.



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