What is a good cheap auto insurance company?

What is a good cheap auto insurance company?

I had missed some payments from geico a while back, and havent had insurance for a couple months so now it is getting more expensive to get another insurance, but I need just a cheap, basic policy with minimum liability and collision, any suggestions/


The words "Good" and "Cheap" don't really belong together when you are discussing auto insurance policies and their coverage. There are several good insurance companies and there are several inexpensive insurance companies also.If you just want a good insurance company, I suggest getting out your telephone book and pick any company at random. No matter which one you select I'm certain you will find a number of good points about that particular company.There are several factors involved in the way any insurance company prices their policies:Age of the person to be insured. (Although a person who is only 16 may actually be one of the safest drivers on earth, insurance companies have found that the younger a driver is, the more chances that driver may take. Because of this, insurance companies will charge a young male driver more than they will charge a young female driver, both of which will be charged more than the same sex at the age of 25).Location (State, county, city, etc.).Driving record of the person to be insured.Safety record of the vehicle to be insured. (Some vehicles are safer to drive than others).If you just want minimum liability insurance remember that each state establishes their own minimum levels of liability.That brings me to my last comment. Quite often the state minimums are not enough even though that is all a driver is required to carry. My example is the state where I live, Oklahoma. Here in Oklahoma a driver is required to carry the state minimums of $25,000.00- $50,000.00- and $25,000.00. To translate that, it is 25 for property damage, 50 for medical coverage and 25 for comprehensive damages.Stop and think for a moment: How many vehicles are in your area that is worth more than $25,000? Probably a lot of them. What if you were to live in the state of Oklahoma and you were involved in an accident where you were at fault and the other vehicle was worth 40,000 or more and there was a family of five in it and they each required medical attention which came to 50,000 each.With just the minimum insurance, after the insurance company paid their portion, your wages could be garnisheed for the next 20 years and may not be paid off even then. (Bankruptcy would not even stop your duty to pay. I myself carry 100/300/100 and there are times when I feel that is not enough.One good point: After you have had your insurance for a while, the insurance rate will usually go down.When you contact a potential insurance company, ask them what they will charge for an Umbrella Policy. This is a policy that most good insurance companies will offer to a customer for a set fee. The first time I bought an Umbrella policy, it cost me $100.00 for a one year Umbrella policy in the amount of $1,000,000.00 (That is one million dollars for one full year). If you are at fault in an accident, after the state minimums are paid, the Umbrella insurance will kick in. Although if you have more accidents, the umbrella policy may be used up quickly.The company you choose is up to you but I have found that those insurance companies that do a lot of advertising for policies with minimum coverage, quite often they seem reluctant to write a policy for more than minimum coverage. At this point I can only say: Good Luck.Source(s):I bought my first auto insurance policy in 1956 and over the years I have had several different policies and know that there may be times you may not have enough insurance but there are never times when you have too much insurance.





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