What companies offer instant online auto insurance proof?

What companies offer instant online auto insurance proof?

**I don'-t need quotes, I need printable proof of insurance**I know The General offers instant proof of insurance by printing it straight from the internet, are there any other auto insurance companies that offer it?


Any company that allows you to purchase without going through an agency. Progressive, Geico, etc. but not State Farm etc.



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How should I obtain a car while I am waiting for mine?
Talk to your insurance company to see if they will give you an extension on your rental car. Another alternative would be to buy an old junker car to commute in just until your insurance company settles your claim.

What does all of this mean (long paragraphs)?
Basically it states that they represent your insurance company's interests and not yours. They are asking you not to make any agreements with the person who caused you injury because it might jeopardize their ability to collect for their client, the insurance company. It also states that...

How to check multiple car insurance quotes at once?
As a 20 year insurance agent, I'll be happy to share some advice. Getting a quote over the net is convenient and quick, but often times VERY inaccurate. The quote is often given without actually running your MVR (motor vehicle report) because that costs the company money and you haven't paid...

What to do when my auto insurance has been lapsed for 3 weeks?
Don't drive in the meantime, besides being illegal, you could end up paying for an accident for years. Insurance companies don't like to see lapses in coverage - it's a sign of irresponsibility, so you will pay more because of that lapse.

Does Florida auto insurance work in Virginia?
What does "work" mean?Florida does not require LIABILITY coverage, only PIP coverage. So the coverages are NOT the same, and FL insurance will not meet VA requirements, HOWEVER: If you're temporarily in another state, and you have at least your minimum state's requirements on your policy...