What does all of this mean (long paragraphs)?

What does all of this mean (long paragraphs)?

(I started learning English when I was 8yrs old &- I soon stopped speaking Italian. It'-s called adoption. I'-m 28, so for twenty years I have spoken English, but wording like this just confuses me. I need somebody to summarize the following into simple English.)We have been retained by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company ("-State Farm"-) to attempt recovery of payments made by State Farm from the party or parties responsible for your loss. State Farm has also instructed us to include your deductible in the amount we attempt to recover from the responsible party.You may have incurred other expenses, in addition to your deductible, which were not covered under your policy with State Farm. Unfortunately, our law firm cannot represent you for any expenses other than your deductible. If you have incurred additional expenses and wish to obtain your own attorney to attempt recovery of those expenses, you should do so immediately and have your attorney contact us. If our law firm files a lawsuit against the party or parties responsible for your loss (to recover payments made by State Farm), and if a final judgment is entered in that cause, that judgment may bar your right to recover any monies which you claim are owed to you from that party.Please keep in mind that your policy gives State Farm the right to pursue collection of their payments, in your name, from any party responsible for your loss.You should not sign any releases nor accept any payment from any other party or insurance company without calling us first. These actions could jeopardize State Farm'-s chance of recovery. If you are contacted by anyone other than an adjustor for State Farm or an employee for this law firm, please obtain their name and the name of their employer and contact our office immediately. It is also possible that the claims we present will be negotiated and settled with the other party. This settlement may be for less than 100% of the claim and your deductible. Any monies collected in settlement or payment of a judgment against a party at fault will be transmitted to State Farm. They will then account to you for any monies you may be entitled to receive as a result of our processing the claim for your deductible.The time needed for recovery varies with each claim. Sometimes the process will not require any assistance on your part. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to contact this office unless you have obtained (or plan to obtain) an attorney to pursue collection of additional expenses which were not covered under your insurance policy with State Farm. However, we may contact you if your assistance is needed during the litigation process such as in responding to discovery questions submitted by the other party'-s counsel, giving a deposition, or appearing and testifying at trial. Therefore, in the event that you have a change in address and/or telephone number, please notify our office so that we may be able to contact you.(summarize in simple English please, I do not understand legal terminology yet)


At its most basicThe company is saying that if you have claimed from them for a loss... they can then collect the money they pay you, from whoever caused the loss that you are claiming for. They can do that in your name.


Simply:Your insurer, State Farm, has a right to recover anything they paid out from the liable person.If the liable person (or their insurance carrier) offer a settlement, you'll do well to contact your insurer first. This is because State Farm will take what they paid out from this settlement and you'll only get what's left. If your settlement is less than State Farm paid out then you may get screwed.


They are going to try to get the money owed to you from these other people, but they can only go after the insurance money. If you lost anything else (i'm assuming this was a auto wreck) in the car that you want paid for, like a laptop, you need to go through your lawyer for that.


too long:|


Your insurance company (State Farm) has hired these attorneys to go after the person who damaged your car in an accident. They will be making a claim against that person for the entire amount of damages plus the amount you had to pay as a deductible when the car was repaired. This money...if won...will go to state farm to repay them for their costs.If you suffered any other damages...like permanent injury or whatever or loss of time on the job, it is up to YOU to hire another attorney to address this issue.


Basically it states that they represent your insurance company's interests and not yours. They are asking you not to make any agreements with the person who caused you injury because it might jeopardize their ability to collect for their client, the insurance company. It also states that they can care less about any other claims you may have against the other party and that their actions may make any future claims you have null and void. In other words, don't shaft them, but let them shaft you, if necessary.It also states that if you have expenses that were not covered by your insurance, you will have to seek out your own remedies. For example, if you had to rent a car because of a car accident and you didn't have that as part of your coverage, they will not try to get that money back for you. You would have to file your own claim or join in on their claim somehow.If this involves a car accident and you were injured or you feel you deserve more compensation than what your insurance company covered, you should speak to an attorney and see if it is in your best interest to file your own claim.



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