Minor car accident, is the othre party of the crash allowed to personally call you?

Minor car accident, is the othre party of the crash allowed to personally call you?

In the state of california isn'-t the auto insurance company of the person you hit supposed to talk to you? is the person you hit allowed to call you demanding for money? regardless if you were at fault and not under the policy at the time of the crash, does the other party have the right to personally call you saying they'-re going to sue and they want you to pay out of pocket before their insurance even talks to you????? shouldnt their insurance company call and talk to you??? not their clients making the call??


the idea behind having insurance is to let the insurance company handle the issue, and demanding money for an accident is not illegal, but personally if you do not want to be harassed by this person, then explain they are not to call back, they need to contact the insurance and go from there. Some people are greedy, some people have something to hide, you never know, there may be a reason the other party does not want to involve the insurance, like a suspended license for example, so be sure to notify your insurance company, numb nuts is demanding money and you want them to not call you anymore, you can also ask them the next time they call to not call you again, or you will contact the phone company and make a harassment complaint. and any future correspondence should be by mail only or through your insurance hang in there .


If you dont have insurance and it's your fault, I can understand why they would call you.In this case, just give them your insurance info and ask them politely not to call you again.


The insurance companies are supposed to handle this. If the other driver's carrier has questions, they contact your carrier who in turn contacts you.The other party doesn't have the right to contact you. If they are, refer them to your insurance company. Ask your insurance provider what other steps you might want to take, since it sounds like the other driver is harassing you.


You can demand they stop calling you. Threaten to call the police if they don't lay off. Inform the caller that you will communicate with their insurance company only.



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